BesaMe Wellness is your center for healthy, sustainably supportive cannabis products derived from eco-conscious farming located here in Missouri. Free from harmful parabens and grown ethically, we stand by our wellness standards and provide you with the best consumer products, hand curated by our highly trained staff.

Enriching our local communities, BesaMe Wellness provides support to neighborhood programs and businesses.

Our story is a love story, between healthy living and supporting local community. We strive to bring out the best in each other, by providing you with the highest quality products. We encourage a healthy lifestyle, filled with supportive people, and love to surround yourself with.


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Medical Marijuana Range

However you like to consume cannabis, we've got a product for you!


Flower is the bud of the cannabis plant, and the most commonly smoked product

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Buy your favorite flower in a convenient ready to go form, avoid the hassle of grinding and rolling.

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Concentrate is the oil, salt or many other processed products from the cannabis flower.

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Deferent foods such as chocolate, candies, & many others made from extracted cannabis oil or other concentrate products.

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Start your own patient grow at home by starting with a clone. Growing a clone is easier and faster than growing from a seed saving time and resources.

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Topicals are applied externally to the skin to alleviate muscle or other types of physical pain.

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Vape Pens & Cartridges

Vape Cartridges are pre-filled with concentrate.

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We have the best cannabis smoking accessories & custom glass selection pipes in Kansas City.


Accessories (Candles)

Great smells and high-quality candles that will help you stay calm and relax.

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Apparel (BesaMe Wellness Shirt)

Will show your support for this new and rapidly growing industry

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Apply it to any part of the body with pain, it will help alleviate it.

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